A couple new buttons over there on the Left!

I added a few more links over there on the left side of the blog.

One of them is Christmas With the Cricut.  That site is simply amazing. Every day you get something new.  The ladies do a great job at keeping people busy with their Cricut machines and projects.

The other one is from one of the ladies over there, personally: Courtney Lane Designs by Melanie.  She is one of the ladies I am spotlighting this week.

I plan on adding more soon, and giving other crafters some spotlight Blog Love too.  If you link to them from this web site, please drop them an email or comment letting them know you found them through my web site.  I don’t get anything from this except that gratitude of knowing that you visited my web site and their web site  too!

While you are at it, if you visit my site, drop me an email on my link over on the right, and say Hi or post a comment here.  I added that link too.


One response to “A couple new buttons over there on the Left!

  1. This is a great place to leave me some comments! I hope to hear from some of you soon! Let me know who you are, if you are visiting!

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