Some quick pics and a tip!

Hi folks.  I thought I would put up a few quick pictures of items we have either made or bought recently.  I also thought I would share a tip with you at the end of this post.  Oh yeah, before I forget, the new mat we are using that has the ruler lines on it is a Martha Stewart mat, and my wife and I love it!

First, we went to Michaels and bought a Cricut Cartridge that was on sale for $44.00.  I know it’s not the best deal, but hey it was local and better than paying full price.

Next, we got the Martha Stewart Punch Around Punches from Michaels too!  The Fall Leaves one was on clearance and I got both the corner and the edger punch for $8.00 total!!!!  The Aspen Snowflakes one I got with a 40 percent off coupon and it only costs $16.00 for the set.  The Loops was actually bought at Walmart for $20.00 (Because Michaels didn’t have them in stock at the time, and could not tell me when they would have them in stock).

Next, at Hobby Lobby I decided to pick up stickels.  These things are awesome to add some bling like I did with the Snowman Card in a previous posting.

Today I made a folder that will house some ideas I get from other Blogs.  I decided that I would print them out and put them in this folder for future projects that I would like to do.  Here are a couple pictures of this folder.



Last thing is, I wanted to give you a tip:  I noticed and also read this on another blog that when you put your housing cutting tool in your cricut you should try to have the dial that refers to the numbers in the front, first most so you can see it, and secondly, it tends to cut better.  Not 100% sure about the second part yet, but it did seem to do a little better today.




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