Happy New Year!

OK.  I know I am late with this post (by one day), and my intention is to not be late with posting new things on this blog this year.  I’m off to a great start.  LOL.

Anyway,  Happy New Year!  This year I hope to share many projects with you.  My goal that I have set this year is to give you what you need to “scrap lift” the project by giving you things such as sizes, cartridges used, paper used, punches, etc.

Of course all comments are much appreciated and any advice you would like to give me to maybe enhance my projects would be greatly appreciated.  Remember, all ideas are welcome!  You’ll never know, you just may see YOUR idea posted here as a project.

I also hope to get a few guests this year to share their projects with you.  I have some people in mind, and will be sending them an email soon to see if they would like to be a guest designer for a posting in 2010.

Also this year, I am going to try to have some giveaways!  Yes, BLOG CANDY!  You may just be a lucky winner.  Make sure you check the blog often, and tell your friends about it too.

Since buying our cricut machine, and just recently our cuttlebug, I have seen many other blogs/message boards/etc and have been inspired.  I hope to share some of those inspirations, and any time I scraplift a project I will give you 100% credit!  I do believe giving credit where credit is due is the right way to go.

Have fun.  Enjoy the blog!  And also, please visit all my wonderful friends blogs too.  There are a bunch of them listed in my blogroll.  I will have many more to come in 2010 too!  Speaking of that, when I add a new blog to the list it will have something letting you know it’s new for a short period.  Something like this “Sues Blog (NEW LINK!!!)”.  I will keep this as a new link for approximately one to two weeks so you can tell it’s new.  After that, I will remove the (NEW LINK!!!) part from the listing.

Tell your friends about my blog!  Visit often!  You’ll never know what may appear on my postings.  But I guarantee you will enjoy it!

Thanks for stopping by!



2 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. nice logo. Happy new year

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